THE Emporium of Loveliness does what it says on the tin.

The shop in Stroud specialises in retro and quirky fashion and homewares. Anyone shopping in the Emporium also helps the shop with its fundraising activities.

They raise money to help people living in the Gambia.

We spoke to Grace Finnan, manager of the Stroud Emporium about the business:

What is your name? Grace Finan - I am manager of the Stroud Emporium of Loveliness. Located at 48 high at, we specialise in Brand new, retro and quirky fashion, gifts and homeware.  

What do you sell: Fabulous fashion is what we are known for. I love working at the emporium, especially doing a new window display for a different theme each week. We have become known for our quirky displays. At the moment we are getting ready for Christmas at the shop and have lots of party wear in store. We will also be open on Stroud Goodwill evening for you to get any last minute Christmas gifts.

We are also looking for volunteers at the moment - a great opportunity and work experience for fellow fashionistas. Which charity are you working to help? We are the trading arm of Empower The Gambia - registered charity (1161200). Suitable donations go to our women’s and children’s projects in rural Gambia along with the gift aid raised on sales in the shop.

We are a not for profit organisation so any excess money also goes to the projects. Currently we are raising funds for two new libraries we are setting up.

What is Stroud like as a town to operate in? We love being in Stroud as the community has really got behind what we are striving to achieve. I have lived in Stroud my whole life and love the vibe of the shop on a Saturday. You meet so many interesting people. They also love the eclectic range of items we sell, our bestsellers have to be the range of designer items we sell! You can’t beat a bargain when you’ve only come into town for a browse. We also have shops in Bristol, Malmesbury, Marlborough and Swindon.