DRIVERS are being urged to watch their speed as thousands of toads, frogs and newts make treacherous journeys across our roads. 

Each year toads migrate back to the ponds where they were born. 

On their journey they are looking for a mate so they can breed once again back at the pond.

However, many don’t make it and their 12 year lifespan is cut brutally short due to traffic.

Now Coaley Toad Patrol - who man the crossing near Coaley Mill - are urging motorists to slow down. 

An organiser Bernie Anthony said: “Usually toads cross in the Spring between February and April. 

“But because it has been quite cold the last couple of weeks there has not been much action.  

“However, recently there were 90 toads in one night in Coaley. 

“If you do see toad signs on the road, or volunteers, please slow down and help keep the roads safe for everyone.”

Gazette Series: Coaley Toad Patrol volunteers at the crossing near Coaley MillCoaley Toad Patrol volunteers at the crossing near Coaley Mill (Image: Coaley Toad Patrol)

Last year approximately 5,612 toads were saved across Gloucestershire last spring by volunteer toad patrollers helping them cross the roads.

Meanwhile in Coaley last year 172 toads were helped as well as frogs and newts. 

Organisers have thanked Roo Star Printing for donating their new hi vis jackets. 

If you would like to volunteer for next year you can find the details at