A seagull has been trapped inside an Asda for more than two weeks - with daily attempts to catch it all failing.

Shoppers at the branch in Bedminster in Bristol have seen the bird flapping around in the ceiling since the start of the month.

It has been spotted in the beams and sat on the top of shelves - including the egg aisle.

Workers and a specialist rescue team and have spent nights when the shop is shut trying catch to it.

Shoppers starting tweeting pics of the gull on June 8 - after it walked in the front door.

The shop is doing regular deep cleans and have tried a number of things to catch it safely - including trails of food and a cherry picker.

Last night (Wednesday, June 21) the Foundation for Feathered Friends charity tried to catch the bird when the store closed 10pm - with no luck.

Amandine Cook, 36, who runs a cafe nearby, said: "People are really concerned about the situation.

"It's been two weeks now and the gull has lost a lot of weight. It is not a good environment for her."

Gazette Series: The seagull has been stuck inside the Bedminster Asda for two weeks The seagull has been stuck inside the Bedminster Asda for two weeks (Image: SWNS)

One social media user described how the gull "flew at me in the meat aisle".

One wildlife volunteer went in on Monday after hearing about the bird.

She said: "We have experienced compassionate people who are willing to come in at midnight when it's quiet.

"She would come down and we could catch her, there is a wildlife centre with space for her. We need it to be quiet.''

A spokesperson for Asda said: "Our team at Asda Bedminster have attempted to safely remove the bird and to ensure that the store remains clean and tidy throughout.

''Despite their best efforts, the seagull remains in store and we are now working with specialist contractors to remove the bird.”