POLICE have issued an update after emergency services attended an incident at Bowbridge Lock in Stroud this morning. 

According to local reports, emergency services were called after clothing and a bag were discovered near Stanton's Bridge on the River Frome, but no one could be seen in the water.

Four fire and rescue vehicles, two emergency response ambulances, and several police vehicles were parked near the Thompson First garage at the entrance to Bowbridge Lock.

However, according to a police spokesperson, no one was found in the river, and emergency services have now been called off.

A spokesperson from Gloucestershire Police said: “We were down at the stream with a report of a towel which was left there, so we were in the area to check that somebody swimming hadn’t come to any harm. 

“But we haven’t found anything, so police have stood down from the scene now.” 

“We first arrived at the scene at 10.45am and left at around 1pm.”

Gazette Series: Emergency services at Bowbridge LockEmergency services at Bowbridge Lock (Image: NQ)