A PARANORMAL hotspot and its owner are set to appear on our television screens in a few weeks time featuring in a new Channel 4 show.

The Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton, as well as its owner Caroline Humphries, will appear in an episode of a new show called Millionaire Hoarders. 

The three-part series features antique experts Clive Downham, Paula Sutton, Rachel Fox, and Ronnie Archer-Morgan, with each episode lasting 60 minutes.

The team visits various homes in an attempt to find forgotten items that could sell for life-changing sums of money, changing the lives of the owners.

Caroline and the 12th century pub will appear in episode three, which will be available for streaming on Friday, August 4 and broadcast on Friday, August 18 at 8pm.

An episode synopsis reads: “In the West Country, Rachel and Ronnie attempt to help inn owner, Caroline. 

“She inherited the inn and the collection of weird and wonderful objects that are kept inside, from her beloved Dad. 

“But maintaining the inn is expensive and Caroline has to make the difficult decision to part with some of her Dad’s collection in order to save the building. 

“Ronnie spots a rare animal pelt that could be the solution to Caroline’s problems - if he can prove it’s authentic.” 

Gazette Series: The Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton - picture by Simon PizzeyThe Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton - picture by Simon Pizzey (Image: Simon Pizzey)

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Gazette Series: Antique experts Paula Sutton, Clive Downham, Ronnie Archer-Morgan and Rachel Fox will feature in the new series Antique experts Paula Sutton, Clive Downham, Ronnie Archer-Morgan and Rachel Fox will feature in the new series (Image: Channel Four)

Anna Miralis, senior commissioning editor for Channel 4 Factual said: “Everyone dreams of finding hidden treasure that could potentially change their lives. 

“Our team of experts have an extraordinary wealth of experience and offer up the exciting opportunity to make that a reality."

Hannah Brownhill, joint creative director of 141 Productions, said: “There’s nothing more exciting than unearthing treasure, especially when it’s found somewhere completely unexpected. 

“Our experts have loved digging through collections in homes that range from one bed studios to family castles. 

“We’ve met some fascinating people and uncovered some incredible finds.”

The Ancient Ram Inn called last orders years ago but is built on a pagan burial site and is said to be home to numerous ghosts.

The pub has gained a reputation as a paranormal hotspot for ghost-hunters and tourists alike. 

Other celebrities have toured the boozer including This Morning presenter Josie Gibson as well as This Country stars Daisy May and Charlie Cooper.