Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen based along the M5 is due to appear on our television screens next week featuring in a new Channel 4 show.

The popular services, which are located between junctions 11 and 12, first opened their doors in 2014 and are set to appear in a new show called Cotswold Farmshop.

The six-part documentary takes viewers behind the scenes at the unique motorway services company, which celebrates Gloucestershire's people and produce.

The farm shop works with over 130 producers from the surrounding 30 miles, including lifestyle items, food, and drink.

Each episode will feature people at Gloucester Services as well as its producers such as catering service leader Shellene, cheesemaker Jonathan Crump, curry maker Bini Ludlow, graphic designer Marcus Walters, bakers Deborah and Neil Flint, Arancini makers Clara and Matteo and artist Nadiyaa Jaffer. 

In addition, many faces who will feature are based in the Stroud area including Woodchester Valley Vineyard founder Fiona Shiner and Ori Hellerstein from The Artisan Baker.

Another producer which will be featured is Cerney Cheese based in North Cerney which sells Cerney Ash Goats Cheese at the services.

The M5 service station was created from a collaboration between family business Westmorland Family and development charity Gloucestershire Gateway Trust. 

Gazette Series: Gloucester Services Farmshop and Kitchen Gloucester Services Farmshop and Kitchen (Image: Purple / Gloucester Services Farmshop)

Founder of the Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, Mark Gale said: "The motorway presented a problem for locals.

"With 28 million cars and 40 million people passing by the areas creating noise, pollution and demands on public services every time there was an accident. 

“Together with our communities, we looked at how to create an opportunity out of a problem.”

Gazette Series: Sarah Dunning and Mark Gale outside Gloucester Services Farmshop & KitchenSarah Dunning and Mark Gale outside Gloucester Services Farmshop & Kitchen (Image: Purple / Gloucester Services Farmshop)

Sarah Dunning, from the Westmorland Family, said: “We always start with what’s local because that says something about the area and what the area does. 

“Business has an opportunity to have real impact if it runs itself in the right way, we set up Gloucester Services in a way where the benefits to the local community are embedded directly in our business plan. 

“The more we sell the more income Gloucester Gateway Trust gets, I love that concept because it’s a win, win.”

The series begins on Monday, August 7 at 8pm on Channel Four.