FARMERS and rural homeowners have launched a campaign against plans for three 100-metre high wind turbines in their village.

People living in Earthcott Green protested over plans for the wind farm, off Old Gloucester Road, at Alveston Parish Council's planning meeting last night.

They told parish councillors, who were discussing Stroud-based power firm Ecotricity's planning application to South Gloucestershire Council for the first time, that the wind turbines were "totally inappropriate" for the village.

Resident Eileen Watson, who has lived in Earthcott Green for 20 years, said: "We are not against wind power but this is not the right place for turbines.

"We think there are far more suitable places and that brown field, industrial and off-shore sites should be looked at first, before the green belt."

Mrs Watson said the main concerns were developing on the green belt and the noise and visual impact three huge turbines would have on the village and surrounding areas.

"It is not just Earthcott Green it would affect," she said. "These wind turbines have a life expectancy of 30 years so they will be here to stay."

Tanya and Paul Davies, who have lived in the village for a quarter of a century, have also joined the fight against the wind farm.

Mrs Davies said: "This is a very emotive subject. They are just going to plonk down these turbines on green belt land and there has not been enough consultation about it."

Ecotricity managing director Dale Vince said a public consultation on the wind farm had already taken place.

He said projects such as the Earthcott Green wind farm were "essential" for the future.

Mrs Watson and Mrs Davies are canvassing residents in the area and have launched a petition against the proposals.

"We already have 130 signatures but I really do not think everyone is aware of these plans," said Mrs Watson.

Alveston Parish Council will discuss the plans again at a full council meeting on Monday night.

The closing date to submit comments about the plans to South Gloucestershire Council is Thursday, July 10.