THESE incredible pictures show Berkeley nuclear power station being built more than 60 years ago. 

The site, located near Gloucestershire Science & Technology Park, first began producing electricity in 1962 and was eventually shut down in 1989.

The site generated 43 terawatt hours of electricity during its 27 years of operation, generating enough electricity on a typical day to serve an urban area the size of Bristol. 

Construction of the power station, undertaken by Associated Electrical Industries and John Thompson Limited, began in 1956. 

The three impressive photos show the site during and after construction in 1958, 1960 and 1962. 

A major £53 million operation to clean up and decommission the station is set to begin next month. 

Physical construction of the new build element to support waste processing is expected to commence in October 2023. 

Meanwhile it is hoped that work to start emptying the blower houses of residual metallic waste will begin in Spring 2024.

It is believed the decommissioning project will take eight years to complete. 

The site, is owned by Magnox and the government's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.