THIS scan of a man's shattered jaw has been released by police after two brothers were jailed over the "unprovoked assault".

The image shows the 33-year-old victim's injuries he suffered at a pub in Bristol where was with friends.

He needed surgery to fit plates to his broken jaw and had to have teeth removed.

The victim was in the The Whitchurch pub garden at about 11pm when he was attacked by Clinton Jackson, 28 and Jamie Jackson, 21.

The pair admitted causing grievous bodily harm and were sentenced at Bristol Crown Court. 

Clinton punched the unsuspecting victim from one side before putting him in a headlock and repeatedly punching his face.

Jamie did the same before both men ran from the garden.

The victim said: "I have flashbacks in the night which cause me to fight and kick out in my sleep.

''I am constantly on edge as this was an unprovoked assault so I am wary of everything.

''I cannot have my back to an open space - I have to see what is going on and monitor things and people."

After the injury he couldn’t work for four months and he believes he will be unable to fully return to work in the building trade.

Gazette Series: The victim was left with shattered jaw after the unprovoked assault at the pub in Bristol The victim was left with shattered jaw after the unprovoked assault at the pub in Bristol (Image: Avon and Somerset Police)

The brothers were sentenced to prison terms of 22 months and 19 months respectively, after a 25 per cent reduction in recognition of their guilty pleas.

Officer in the case Andrew Smetham from Avon and Somerset Police said: "This was a shocking and sustained two on one attack which has left the victim with permanent and irreversible injuries.

"I hope that the sentence handed down today will help him start to recover from the emotional impact of what happened and prevent the brothers from re-offending."

Gazette Series: Jamie Jackson (left) and Clinton Jackson (right)Jamie Jackson (left) and Clinton Jackson (right) (Image: Avon and Somerset Police)