POLICE have released more information following the rescue of a dog from a boiling hot car in Thornbury last week.

Members of the public noticed a large dog trapped inside the scorching vehicle in the Aldi car park at around 5pm on Tuesday, September 5. 

The car was reportedly parked in the shade with a window slightly open, but temperatures were well above 30 degrees Celsius at the time of the incident.

The shaggy dog, thought to be an Irish Wolfhound, was eventually freed from the car by two officers from Thornbury neighbourhood policing team. 

A spokesperson from Avon and Somerset Police said no further action has been taken against the owner. 

A statement reads: “Officers were approached by a member of the public who was concerned about a dog left alone in a parked car in Aldi car park, off Horseshoe Lane.

“Although the car was parked in the shade, with a window slightly open, the temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius, and there was concern for the dog’s welfare.

“The car was unlocked so the officers were able to rescue the dog and give it some water.

“When the owner returned to the car, they were given words of advice around not leaving dogs unattended in a vehicle in high temperatures. 

“No further action was taken as the dog was safe and well.”

Gazette Series: The incident took place in the Aldi car park in ThornburyThe incident took place in the Aldi car park in Thornbury (Image: Google Maps)

Following the incident, witnesses have urged pet owners in the area to remember the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars.

A woman, who witnessed the incident, while doing her weekly shop said: “What a day to abandon your poor dog inside a car! 

“I don't know what breed the dog was, but it was very big, with brown/grey wiry fur - it looked similar to an Irish Wolfhound. 

“Bad enough to leave any dog, but with its large size and thick coat, it could have got a severe case of heat stroke very fast.”

While owners are legally responsible for their pet’s health and welfare, it is not illegal to leave a dog in a hot car.

Police officers have the power to break the window of a vehicle to rescue a dog if it is showing signs of heatstroke.

Members of the public are advised to call 999 if they see a dog in distress inside a car.

But owners can face a prison sentence of up to six months or a maximum fine of £20,000 if a dog becomes ill or dies after being left unattended in a vehicle on a hot day.

For RSPCA advice about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars see here - tinyurl.com/3n25w5xd