THORNBURY Town Council has announced it will trim back its grass cutting programme. 

The new strategy is being developed as the council seeks to address issues around climate change and biodiversity. 

The local authority declared a climate emergency in 2021.

It is hoped, over the next few months and years, verges across the area will become ‘more luscious and natural’ to help biodiversity. 

However, a town council spokesperson said the reduction in cuts “will not impact driver or pedestrian safety”.

A statement reads: “Historically Thornbury Town Council has funded additional cuts of the grass verges around town, over and above South Gloucestershire Council’s ‘core’ grass cutting provision.  

"We have recently taken the important decision to cease all supplementary verge cuts moving forwards, as part of its commitment to the climate, nature and biodiversity agenda.

“The responsibility for these grass verges remains with South Gloucestershire Council, who will continue their two core cuts each year. 

“In addition, SGC are responsible for ensuring any additional grass cutting required for safety reasons (for example, visibility at junctions), so please be assured that the reduction in cuts will not impact driver or pedestrian safety.
“Understanding of our impact on the natural environment has increased significantly over the years. 

“One of our five strategic priorities for 2023-28 is to Implement Thornbury’s ‘Climate Change and Local Nature Action Plan to deliver the council’s commitment to tackle the Climate Emergency."