PUPILS and teachers from a village school near Dursley are celebrating another good Ofsted result.

Uley Primary School was rated good in all five categories after an inspection on July 11 and 12. 

Pupils were described by inspectors as ‘attentive’, ‘enthusiastic’ who have ‘positive attitudes toward learning.’

The report also praises the school for prioritising early reading where staff encourage ‘everyone to do their best.’

Inspectors say the leaders have introduced a new programme to teach pupils to read which means pupils ‘get off to a strong start with their reading.’ 

The primary teaches approximately 106 children between the ages of four and eleven.

It has maintained a Ofsted good result for the past 14 years. 

Gazette Series:  Pupils and staff from Uley Primary School celebrating the Ofsted result Pupils and staff from Uley Primary School celebrating the Ofsted result (Image: Uley Primary School)

Headteacher Zoe Mandeville said: “We are delighted with the outcome of our recent inspection. 

“Our inspection report really reflects us as a school; we are a nurturing school with an ambitious curriculum where we aim for every child to Live, Learn and Flourish during their time here at Uley. 

“We are a good school!”

The report also praises the school for continuously assessing children's learning, which inspectors say staff use to put support in place to address any shortcomings.

The report reads: “Leaders and governors have worked determinedly to secure rapid improvement of the school’s curriculum since the previous inspection. 

“Leaders have prioritised early reading and curriculum development. 

“Pupils throughout the school have positive attitudes toward learning. 

“There is a calm atmosphere, and pupils are focused on their work.

“Staff have the same high expectations for pupils with SEND as they do for all learners. 

“Pupils with SEND have personalised support so they can learn well.

“The values of live, learn and flourish are woven through daily life at this school.”

However, to improve inspectors say leaders need to ‘embed assessment systems in all subjects’. 

They also say leaders need to ‘check that strategies to support pupils with SEND are having the desired impact’. 

You can read the full report here - tinyurl.com/334mt24x