THE driver of a luxury sports car has been landed with a whopping legal bill for speeding at more than 70mph on the M5.

Maserati driver Andrew Smith, aged 45, of Kingsmill Lane, Painswick, must pay more than £3,000 after he was prosecuted for speeding.

Smith pleaded guilty to the offence when he appeared at Cheltenham Magistrates Court on November 8.

The court heard that he was caught breaking the speed limit on the M5 in Gloucestershire on May 13.

Smith was fined £2,240 and must pay a surcharge of £896 plus costs of £110 - meaning he must pay an eye-watering £3,246 by December 8.

He was also given five penalty points.

A totting-up disqualification was not imposed due to mitigating circumstances read out in court.

The hearing was held after Smith asked for a sentence imposed on September 19 to be reassessed.