HUNDREDS of homes in the Berkeley area have been left without power this afternoon. 

According to the National Grid, approximately 845 properties are currently without power. 

It is believed power will be restored by 4pm today, Wednesday, November 22. 

A statement from National Grid reads: “We are aware of this power cut incident which was raised at 2.21pm this afternoon. 

“Our engineers are working to get the power returned as quickly as possible. 

“We are sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you."

According to National Grid, the following postcodes have been affected including: 

GL13 9AA, GL13 9AB, GL13 9AD, GL13 9AE, GL13 9AF, GL13 9AH, GL13 9AJ, GL13 9AL, GL13 9AN, GL13 9AP, GL13 9AQ, GL13 9AR, GL13 9AS, GL13 9AT, GL13 9AU, GL13 9AW, GL13 9AX, GL13 9AY, GL13 9AZ, GL13 9BA, GL13 9BB, GL13 9BE, GL13 9BG, GL13 9BH, GL13 9BJ, GL13 9BL, GL13 9BN, GL13 9BP, GL13 9BQ, GL13 9BS, GL13 9BT, GL13 9BU, GL13 9BW, GL13 9BX, GL13 9BY, GL13 9DA, GL13 9DB, GL13 9DD, GL13 9DE, GL13 9DF, GL13 9DG, GL13 9DH, GL13 9DQ, GL13 9EF, GL13 9EG, GL13 9EH, GL13 9EJ, GL13 9EL, GL13 9EQ, GL13 9FD, GL13 9FN, GL13 9HD, GL13 9HT, GL13 9NT, GL13 9PJ, GL13 9RL, GL13 9TA, GL13 9TB, GL13 9TD