FRESH plans submitted for Morrisons car park in Yate could have a 'negative impact' on shoppers, says the town council. 

Last month Yate Town Council voiced concerns over plans which were submitted to South Gloucestershire Council for a We Buy Any Car single storey pod at the supermarket car park in Station Road. 

A member of the transport department at South Gloucestershire Council has also aired parking concerns over the new application. 

Last year plans were approved for a pod in the car park and the company has been trading there since.

New plans were submitted at the end of September which would see the pod relocated to another car park location much closer to the supermarket entrance taking up two existing parking spaces. 

A further 10 undesignated spaces would be taken up by cars from the business. 
It is claimed that there would be a maximum of 10 cars on site at one time in these spaces. 

Yate Town Council fears this will have a 'negative impact on shoppers'.

A spokesperson said that while it doesn't object to the pod, members have issues with the planned location. 

They said: "We object to its planned location and have requested that it is moved to the originally agreed position the other side of the trolley park. 

"This allows for the spaces nearest the supermarket entrance to remain available for less mobile customers."

In the planning documents, a YTC spokesperson added: "This application requests that the original consented location is moved which would take away spaces from the very front of the supermarket.

"This has a negative impact on shoppers who need access to these spaces. 

"The original consented location was equally visible to customers and did not impact on access to the supermarket."

Meanwhile, Paul Johnson of the SGC transport department has also raised concerns. 

They said: "We are concerned about the loss of car parking spaces to users of the superstore.

"This is because in addition to the two spaces lost to the kiosk itself, it appears that a further 10 will be allocated to vehicles associated with the kiosk.

"We are concerned that once these spaces are lost insufficient space will remain to accommodate shoppers' vehicles at the superstore's periods of maximum demand."

The transport member did however add that these plans were unlikely to alter traffic patterns at the site. 

In the planning document, We Buy Any Car states: "We would offer people the opportunity to have their vehicles valued and or sold. 

"The pods would sit on top of the existing car park on legs and require no major excavation or ground disturbance. 

"The choice of location for the pod is not only complementary to the existing use of the site but also purposefully promotes economic activity within a key retail location.

"Careful consideration has been placed in the positioning of the pods to ensure that there is no disruption to vehicular and pedestrian circulation and that site will continue to operate as existing."

A Morrisons spokesperson said: "We have submitted planning permission to relocate the pod so that it is easier for customers to walk or driving in the car park"

The Gazette approached We Buy Any Car for a comment. 

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