CHARFIELD'S new Co-op store opened its doors to the public on Friday. 

The 2,750 sq ft convenience store – located in Wotton Road, Charfield - opens between 7am-10pm daily, and supports 12 local jobs.

It includes an in-store bakery and Ever Ground Fairtrade coffee machine, everyday essentials, food-to-go, Fairtrade products, chilled beers and award winning wines, ready meals, pizzas plus vegan and plant-based products.

The store will operate as a Co-op franchise. 

Bryony Monrowe, store manager, said: “We have had a fantastic response.

"The store has a great look, and we are really enjoying welcoming Members and customers into their new Co-op.

"Our aim is to operate at the heart of local life, and we’ve worked to develop the range, choice and services to create a compelling offer to serve and support our community, conveniently.

"This includes a focus on delivering member-value so that the people who own our business, our members, benefit every time they shop.”