CHILDREN are jumping for joy at a primary school in Thornbury after a new trampoline was recently installed. 

The trampoline in New Siblands was donated and fitted by North Trampoline.  

Headteacher Karl Hemmings said: "I am so thankful to North Trampoline UK Team for so generously donating and installing our wonderful new trampoline. 

"The children of our school love the chance to bounce and play on trampolines and this amazing new resource will give them hours of fun and opportunities to develop their fitness. 

"It has already been great to visit the playground and see how much our children are already enjoying using it. 

"It is making a real difference to their enjoyment of our outdoor play space. 

Gazette Series: Headteacher Karl Hemmings with pupils by the new trampoline Headteacher Karl Hemmings with pupils by the new trampoline (Image: New Siblands Primary / North Trampoline)

Gazette Series:

Sonia Lowde from North Trampoline said: "North Trampoline has a rich history of charity work and each year donates 10-20% of their profits to charity, helping people throughout the world from Mozambique to Bangladesh as well as closer to home projects in the UK and Sweden. 

"As part of their charitable giving programme the UK team donated a schools in-ground trampoline and gave up their personal time along with some of their family members to install this trampoline for a much-deserving school.

"Trampolines tend to get a lot of use in SEN schools and if they’re not designed for that type of use they wear out very quickly and need replacing often. 

Gazette Series:

"Many SEN schools, like New Siblands, are working to a tight budget and can’t always find the money to stretch to the more expensive and robust commercial grade equipment.

"The UK team has considerable experience providing in-ground trampolines to SEN school and has seen at first-hand the enormous benefits of rebound therapy both physically and mentally for children and adults with additional needs. 

"North Trampoline believe that all children are made for greatness and know that trampolines can help bring out that greatness in them. 

"For North Trampoline, it is more than a business, it’s a way to help all children and families get fitter, healthier and happier regardless of their physical abilities."