I would now like to write in again to thank Keith and Chelsea at Vets4Pets in Yate for their amazing care this weekend of our very poorly guinea pig Twixie.

I had been in touch with the vet practice all weekend on WhatsApp.

Twixie is very poorly, and she is in the process of being referred to Highcroft veterinary hospital in Whitchurch.

I was very impressed that both Keith and Chelsea were acting on Twixie's situation even after closing time of yesterday. We also had 2 phone calls from Chelsea and one being after they had closed.

Twixie went back to the vet today Sunday and I was so impressed by Keith's dedication to Twixie. I really thought Keith was brilliant with Twixie and gave her a very thorough 40-minute appointment. Hopefully our Twixie is going to be ok, but I am just so grateful that we have such an amazing vet practice that really does go the extra mile which is exactly what they have done for Twixie this weekend.

I know I don't have to do this but I'm that kind of person that really wants to thank them in writing for the 100% care they have given our poorly Twixie this weekend. Thank you again to Chelsea and Keith.

Helen Wood