HUNDREDS of books have been delivered to disadvantaged children as part of a new festive collaboration in Wotton.

The scheme was launched between independent bookshop The Cotswold Book Room on Long Street and reading support social enterprise Read With Me. 

As part of the project, customers donated £7.99 - the cost of a new book - that was then gift-wrapped and handed to a child to unwrap and enjoy this Christmas.

The Cotswold Book Room also donated an extra book for every three books bought. 

Approximately 310 books have been given away to children across the county. 

It is hoped that the books will provide children who may not have access to books this Christmas with the gift of a good story.

Gazette Series: Read With Me

Founder and director of Read With Me, Linda Cohen said: “It’s astonishing to most people that there are still children in Gloucestershire who don’t own a book and will never be heard to read at home. 

“We know that this puts them at a huge disadvantage – but we also know it can be put right with one-to-one reading sessions and access to books. 

“The Cotswold Book Room and their customers have done a wonderful thing by providing these books to the children who need them most. 

“They will make a real difference to the children in Gloucestershire who have the most challenging lives.”

Read With Me also runs one-to-one reading sessions across local schools in the area to help children develop vital literacy skills and confidence. 

The organisation aims to bridge the educational gap in the areas of greatest deprivation.

They are currently appealing for volunteers to hear children read for 15 minutes, twice a week. 

A spokesperson added: “This Christmas, would you consider giving back to your local community by volunteering? 

“Whether you are an avid reader, a parent, or just want to do some good with your spare time, this is the perfect opportunity to help a child learn to read well and fulfil their potential.” 

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