A UPDATE has been released about plans surrounding the reopening and redevelopment of Thornbury Health Centre. 

Leader of South Gloucestershire Council, Claire Young, recently provided an update on the scheme while answering a question from a member of the public during a meeting on Wednesday, December 13. 

It comes as the government announced initial funding in late October to help the NHS develop a business case for new healthcare facilities in Thornbury. 

The NHS Integrated Care Board for Bristol, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire, which manages health services in the region, is due to receive £1.3 million.  

It will allow the care board to submit details to the Department for Health and Social Care on how they intend to deliver the facility.

The hospital closed to patients in December 2019 as new facilities were set up at Thornbury Outpatient Clinic for some appointments. 

It is understood the current estimate for the entire redevelopment project is £13 million.

Gazette Series: Cllr Claire Young speaking about Thornbury Hospital during the council meeting last week Cllr Claire Young speaking about Thornbury Hospital during the council meeting last week (Image: South Gloucestershire Council)

Thornbury resident Clive Parkinson asked: “I have a question for the leader of the council. 

“Could she give us, the residents of Thornbury, any updates about what is happening with the new plans for Thornbury Hospital? 

“And exactly what health facilities are going to be provided on the site?”

In her reply, Cllr Young (Lib Dem, Frampton Cotterell) said: “We were pleased to hear that the government had allocated some money to deliver new healthcare facilities in Thornbury. 

“We understand that the ICB is working on a business case. When the announcement came we had questions and these questions remain. 

“What is envisaged by the ICB and government? 

“Will it deliver a net gain in healthcare facilities for Thornbury?  

“What is the anticipated timeline for delivery? How will they consult with local people about what is needed? 

“Or will it be this is what we’re doing in the timescale and budget suggested by the government. 

Gazette Series: The former Thornbury Hospital buildingThe former Thornbury Hospital building (Image: Newsquest)

“How will the public engagement be done? It has to be ICB led as they are the ones the government has offered the money to. 

“This council took grant funding to buy the site so it was available for more healthcare facilities and for ECH (extra care housing). 

“We do need to pay that back and so we will need any bit the ICB wants to build on to be paid for. 

“But we don’t see that as a barrier assuming the government will cover that so that we can balance our books and deliver for local people. 

“We can’t give it away as we then need to cover the expected capital receipt from our already very stretched budget. 

“Once all of these things have been sorted out we hope to proceed quickly with our plans for delivering the much-need extra care housing on the remainder of the site which responds to a recognised need for the town.”

NHS Integrated Care Board statement 

A spokesperson for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire ICB said: “We remain committed to developing a new healthcare facility on the former Thornbury Hospital site and are continuing to progress the business case, working with the local authority.”