RESIDENTS in the South Gloucestershire area are being asked to check their waste and recycling schedules over the festive period as many collections have changed. 

Changes to collections over Christmas and New Year

From December 25 2023 until January 14 2024 - normal collection days will change.

Check the dates below for when your collection day would normally be and the rescheduled collection day:

Normally: Monday 25 December
Rescheduled to: Wednesday 27 December

Normally: Tuesday 26 December
Rescheduled to: Thursday 28 December

Normally: Wednesday 27 December
Rescheduled to: Friday 29 December

Normally: Thursday 28 December
Rescheduled to: Saturday 30 December

Normally: Friday 29 December
Rescheduled to: Tuesday 2 January

Normally: Monday 1 January
Rescheduled to: Wednesday 3 January

Normally: Tuesday 2 January
Rescheduled to: Thursday 4 January

Normally: Wednesday 3 January
Rescheduled to: Friday 5 January

Normally: Thursday 4 January
Rescheduled to: Saturday 6 January

Normally: Friday 5 January
Rescheduled to: Monday 8 January

Normally: Monday 8 January
Rescheduled to: Tuesday 9 January

Normally: Tuesday 9 January
Rescheduled to: Wednesday 10 January

Normally: Wednesday 10 January
Rescheduled to: Thursday 11 January

Normally: Thursday 11 January
Rescheduled to: Friday 12 January

Normally: Friday 12 January
Rescheduled to: Saturday 13 January

From Monday 15 January 2024 collections will be back to normal.

Recycling centres

The Sort It recycling centres close at 2pm on 24 December and are closed all day on 25, 26 December and 1 January. They are open as normal on the 27 to 31 December.

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