PLANS have been revealed to open a dog exercise field near Dursley.

A change of use application has been submitted to convert farmland into a new dog walking field in Uley.

Plans were recently submitted to Stroud District Council on Thursday, December 14 and includes installing a 6ft fence as well as dog waste bins. 

The proposed site, which is approximately 2.8 acres in size and currently used for horse grazing, is located off Uley Road at Sheephouse Farm. 

The application was submitted by Mr and Mrs Dembrey who have owned the site since 1981.

Currently, the site is also home to a number of veterinary and dog hydrotherapy businesses.

According to the application, if approved, the dog exercise field would be available only to customers who pre-book.

Booking sessions would last 50 minutes, with a maximum of four dogs per booking.

The field would be open from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 2pm on Sundays. 

However, the application states that the opening hours will be reduced during the winter season.

A statement from the application reads: “The site for the dog exercise field is currently used for the grazing of horses which forms an existing diversification to the farm business. 

“The proposed development will replace equine diversification with a dog exercise field which will provide a number of benefits which are outlined later in the report.” 

“The nature of the diversification is not one that will demand further full time employment but it will provide a valuable additional income stream to support the ongoing agricultural operations at Sheephouse Farm.

“The existing agricultural business will not be affected by this change and will continue at the same level. 

“It is simply a replacement of an existing diversification with one that better fits with the other let units at Sheephouse Farm.”

You can view the application quoting S.23/2410/FUL or see here -