PLANS have been revealed to install a new pedestrian crossing on a key road in Thornbury.

South Gloucestershire Council has launched a consultation to install a toucan crossing - a crossing for both pedestrians and cyclists - on Morton Way. 

The crossing - which would be four metres wide - would be installed on Morton Way between its junction with Crossways Road and Crossways Lane. 

It is hoped, if approved, the crossing will provide safer and easier access to the new houses at the new Cleve Park development.

In addition, new zig zag markings would be painted on either side of the above proposed crossing, to prevent cars parking on the approach or exit from the crossing.

A SGC spokesperson said: “The proposed Toucan crossing will help residents of the new homes safely cross Morton Way and access the rest of Thornbury. 

“It will make travelling on foot, wheeling (using a mobility scooter, wheelchair or pushchair), or bicycle easier and safer, providing better access to local schools and shops and help incorporate the new homes into the wider Thornbury community.”

The consultation is open until January 13.

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A consultation document reads: “Further residential development is now taking place to the east which means that Morton Way could become a barrier for residents on these new developments from safely accessing the rest of the town.

“The purpose of the scheme is to install a toucan crossing on Morton Way to improve safety and ease community severance by linking the new developments to the rest of the town. 

“A toucan crossing is a signal controlled crossing that is wide enough for cyclists and pedestrians to cross side by side. 

“Cyclists are also allowed to cross without the need to dismount. 

“It will therefore provide a safe place to cross for both pedestrians and cyclists to access local facilities in the town including schools.”