The oldland village club is amazing establishment for parties, events, gatherings. It has been open for a long time including becoming a hospital in1916 to cater for wounded soldiers. WWI started in 1914 so it was half was through WWI. It is a local building for many people to access on an evening. If you ever fancy a evening out with the mate there is access to a bar every evening of the week and weekend


The Oldland village club has many advantages such as kind and accommodating staff and building. They have stair lifts so the elderly or disabled are able to be involved. It is a safe space where many can make friends and enjoy themselves. I attended a pensioners Christmas party were you paid £2.50 for a ticket. You got a raffle ticket and a buffet with plenty of food that there was some left when I left. They had access to the bar to buy drinks. That was the only event I have been to in the oldland village club but I enjoyed myself and was welcomed by all of the staff.