A SPANISH star from a hit Netflix show is in fact related to local legend Edward Jenner. 

Michelle Jenner, who currently stars as Keila in Money Heist spin-off Berlin, is a direct descendent of the Berkeley born physicist who created the world's first vaccine. 

It was during the height of the Covid pandemic when Michelle Jenner's links to the physicist were uncovered by national Spanish media. 

She explained on late night show La Resistencia that she was related to Edward Jenner through her father, Miguel Angel Jenner. 

In the below clip from 2022, Michelle Jenner and TV host David Broncano discuss Edward Jenner, with one of the comedians on the show describing him as 'the vaccine man'. 

This revelation made the national news, with many media outlets in the country reporting on it, showcasing Edward Jenner's pioneering history to Spain. 

Michelle Jenner is well-known in Spain after starring in Spanish TV show Los Hombres de Paco, playing Queen Isabel I in the show of the same name, as well as voicing Hermione Granger in the Spanish versions of the first four Harry Potter movies.