A NEW funding scheme has been launched in Cam to make positive changes in the community. 

Cam Parish Council has released details about its new community infrastructure levy policy, which aims to encourage and support projects in the area.

The scheme encourages projects which could include: heritage protection, communication, road safety, crime reduction, community engagement, environment, traffic and leisure/ sport facilities. 

According to the parish council, new housing developments have resulted in more than £175,000 in community infrastructure levy funding in recent years.

Projects will be ranked in order of community benefit, costs and funding, deliverability and environmental benefits. 

The council also says that anyone can submit an application. 

The scheme also welcomes applications from local voluntary and community organisations, charities, community interest companies and charitable incorporated organisations.

A council spokesperson said: “We are asking our community to put forward project ideas that will benefit Cam. 

“The projects can either be delivered by Cam Parish Council, or by the applicant themselves.

“CIL receipts for developments are expected for the next few years, but the exact amounts are not known until calculated by the district council. 

“The parish council may determine how its CIL receipts are spent; however, any expenditure must meet the following criteria as set out by CIL regulations.

“We want to fund projects that work to make positive changes in our community. 

“We want to support projects that involve people and communities from Cam from the start. 

“So it’s important to us that you involve the community in the design, development and delivery of the activities you’re planning.”

An application form can be found on the council’s website at www.camparishcouncil.gov.uk or you can pick up a form from their office. 

Forms must be returned by 9am on Monday, June 3 to the council’s office or to clerk@camparishcouncil.gov.uk