ST. Marys Christingle

On Sunday the 14th of January at  St. Marys church in Bitton held a Christingle service. St Mary’s church celebrates this in early January close towards the Epiphany and is much better then having it celebrated in later months of Advent and The service was well attended by many local people.

The first Christingle service was held in Lincoln Catheridrial in the 1960’s .

Before the service began people made their own Christingles. The Christingle is made from:

-an  orange representing the world

-red tape is wrapped around the orange representing Jesus’s blood shed for the world.                                                                                                    

 -a candle is put into the centre and is lit up representing Jesus the light of the world.                                                                                           

 -four cocktail sticks with sweets attached representing the four seasons.

The first hymn of the service was “Light of the world is shining” played by the St Mary’s Minstreles . After the hymns, the prayers were read by the Bitton scout group.

Afterwards we had a very interesting talk provided by Jess Meale of the Children’s society who talked about the work of the children’s society in helping disadvantaged children at any age.