AN area of woodland in Dursley has been bought as an asset for the community. 

Hermitage Woodlands next to Twinberrow Woods has been bought by the Twinberrow Foundation thanks to a generous bequest. 

The foundation says it plans to maintain the 36.8 acre woodland alongside Twinberrow Woods for the benefit of the community "for generations to come". 

It is understood that it was sold by woodland specialists John Clegg & Co, who listed the land in two separate sales for a total of £165,000.

Foundation chair Alex Stennett said: "We are very pleased to have been able to purchase this woodland area which will be an asset to the community for generations to come. 

“It is only due to the generosity of the late Martyn Genner and a bequest left to the Foundation, that we have been able to do this.

“With the help of our woodland manager, we have carried out an initial assessment of the condition of the trees in Hermitage Woodland, to help identify any immediate concerns and work that may be required.

“We would now like to gather resident views on how they would like to see this wonderful woodland that sits above our town managed in the future".

Gazette Series: Hermitage Woodlands has officially been bought as a community assetHermitage Woodlands has officially been bought as a community asset (Image: Twinberrow Foundation / Dursley Town Council)

Gazette Series: Hermitage Woodlands which has been bought by The Twinberrow Foundation (outlined in red)Hermitage Woodlands which has been bought by The Twinberrow Foundation (outlined in red) (Image: John Clegg & Co)

Twinberrow Woods also includes the Dursley Sculpture and Play Trail, which is maintained and updated by volunteers.

Volunteers coordinator and vice chair of the Twinberrow Foundation Theresa Kinnison said: "We are so lucky to have such a skilled volunteer team to help maintain the trail within the woodland. 

“We are a friendly bunch and would welcome new volunteer members and new sculptures for our community to enjoy. If you'd like to help, do get in touch via the council office or our facebook page".

If you have ideas about future plans regarding the use and management of the woodland under the foundation's care, contact 

You can also contact Dursley Sculpture and Play Trail here -