THE NEXT phase of working concerning the Badminton Road bridge has started. 

In December it was announced that the overbridge at A432 Badminton Road, over the M4 between Yate and Bristol which closed in June over safety concerns, was set to be demolished and replaced by a new bridge. 

National Highways are now moving to the next phase of this project, which involves vegetation clearance and the establishment of a site compound.

They will mainly be working work mainly during daytime hours, although their works may not always be visible.

Some overnight works will also be needed, where possible we’ll complete noisiest activities before 11pm.

5 February to 29 March 2024 – vegetation clearance and site compound establishment

14 and 15 February 2024 – overnight works (these dates are subject to weather)

15 February 2024 – M4 J18 to J19 closed in both directions 8pm to 6am, during the day the M4 will be open as usual

Since its closure, detailed and specialist inspections of the bridge have revealed neither strengthening nor refurbishing work would provide a long-term solution.

National Highways say that both options would take a similar amount of time to complete as a full replacement of the structure, but would only extend the bridge’s lifespan for a limited time. 

Instead, the government-owned organisation is opting to install a new bridge that will allow for smoother and safer journeys.

Plans are now underway for a new, 20-metre-wide bridge, that will reconnect South Gloucestershire communities and allow for more sustainable transport options to be considered.

The project is expected to take about two years.

Due to the condition of the current bridge, it will need to remain closed to limit any further damage during the design phase.

Demolition is planned for summer/autumn 2024.

Prior to demolition of the bridge, National Highways will need to divert services embedded in the structure, including a water main, high voltage cables, fibre optics cables, and a gas main. 

From January 2024, local residents will see activity on site starting with ecological surveys and vegetation clearance to establish works compounds.

It is hoped construction of the new bridge will be completed in 2025.