Weekly Column by Mattie Ross, Chair of Stroud District Council housing committee

SDC housing committee met on Tuesday, February 6 and a wide range of agenda items were discussed.

I am pleased to share some highlights from the agenda which included updating the Legionella Policy to ensure tenants’ safety through regular inspections, maintenance and education. Keeping our tenants safe is a top priority.

Officers presented a report to introduce a new Domestic Abuse Policy which outlines our commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment for our tenants that is person-centred and utilises partnership working.

If you or someone you know are experiencing any form of domestic abuse, please seek confidential support by contacting GDASS (Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service) on 01452 726570.

The policy is in line with the Gloucestershire domestic abuse strategy, and SDC plays an important part in the delivery of this strategy, treating all victims of domestic abuse as high priority.

The Housing Committee was provided with a presentation supporting the accompanying report that sets out how the Council is preparing for the changes to the regulation of social housing.

The upcoming changes to regulation shift how services to our tenants are delivered, putting tenants at the core and ensuring their voice and views are listened to.

The report set out what the changes are, why these are important, the role that Housing Committee play in ensuring good governance and the improvement journey the Council are on to ensure we meet these consumer standards.

Members of the public are welcome to watch the proceedings back online on our YouTube channel.