A VILLAGE school near Thornbury has been told that it ‘requires improvement’ by education watchdog Ofsted. 

St Andrew's Primary in Cromhall has been downgraded to the second lowest mark after being visited by inspectors in December last year. 

The school - which teaches 61 pupils - received the requires improvement rating in three categories including education, development and leadership. 

However, despite this the school received a good rating for its behaviour category. 

Inspectors praised St Andrew's describing its pupils as “happy” and “well cared for” where many have positive attitudes to learning. 

However, despite this, inspectors raised concerns about the school’s new curriculum as in some subjects planning is not “fully developed”. 

As a result, according to the report, the school has not outlined clearly the knowledge and skills that it intends pupils to learn over time.

But the report also states the school “knows what needs to improve” and that there has been a new leadership team since September. 

Inspectors say staff are already receiving professional development to enhance the quality of teaching.

Gazette Series: St Andrew's Primary in Cromhall has rated as requires improvement by education watchdog Ofsted St Andrew's Primary in Cromhall has rated as requires improvement by education watchdog Ofsted (Image: Google Maps)

Headteacher Graham Pike said: “We accept the outcome of the inspection and are proud that Ofsted highlighted that our children are happy, safe and well behaved. 

“As a governing body we had already identified that some improvements were required, and our new leadership team has been making positive progress since appointed in September 2023. 

“We have worked closely with the local authority to create a comprehensive development plan and are pleased that Ofsted recognised the improvements that have already taken place. 

“As leaders and governors, we are committed to a process of continuous improvement to deliver the high-quality education our children deserve.”

However, the report also says that the school has a “calm and orderly atmosphere” and that the community has warmly welcomed children from Ukraine. 

According to the inspection, the school has also made successful adaptations to the curriculum for some pupils with SEND.

But the report also states there are limited opportunities for pupils to develop their resilience and that the school could organise more extra-curricular activities. 

The report reads: “Pupils do not have a wide range of opportunities to nurture,
develop and stretch their talents and interests. 

“The school needs to provide pupils with opportunities to aid their broader development.”

It continues: “The recording of safeguarding concerns about pupils is not detailed enough. 

“This means that leaders are not clear whether the actions taken are timely or if information is ready to be shared with external partners when necessary.”

For the full report see here - tinyurl.com/2p8eypvd