PLANS have been put forward to lower the age range at a school in the area.

South Gloucestershire Council has launched a consultation to extend the age range of pupils at Hambrook Primary School from 4-11 years to 3-11 years. 

It is understood school bosses at Hambrook Primary School near Winterbourne have been considering opening a nursery class as part of the school. 

Consultations have already taken place with parents and the school community. 

According to council documents, an independent provider did exist on the Hambrook school site previously but has closed in recent years and has not been replaced. 

Members of the public can comment on the plans until Wednesday, March 20. 

A council spokesperson said: “Market research has been carried out to assess the likely demand in the area for pre-school places. 

“These activities have indicated that there is demand in the area for pre-school places
and that a provision at Hambrook Primary will help to meet the need of the

“Assessment of accommodation at the school has identified space for the
proposed nursery without adverse effect on the accommodation and facilities for
school aged children.

“Therefore, the Governing Body now wishes to go ahead with the proposal.

“The increased offer to working parents for funded childcare from April 2024 will see
an increase in demand for pre-school places. 

“A provision at Hambrook Primary School will help to meet the increase in demand.

“Discussions will take place with the existing staff and the governing body will be
responsible for appointing staff to meet the needs of the proposed nursery class.

“It is not anticipated that this proposal will have any effect, including adverse effect,
on any other schools in the area.

“Anyone interested in this proposal is invited to make comments, including any
objections, on the proposal.”

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