A MAN from Gloucestershire who tried to evade police by running off naked has been jailed after pleading guilty to possessing an illegal sawn-off shotgun.

Scott McGuinness, aged 32 of Lattistep Court, Gloucester was recently sentenced at Gloucester Crown Court.

He also admitted possessing two banned weapons including a firearm of less than 30cm and a flick knife as well as possessing cannabis.

Following intelligence gathered on McGuinness, police raided his flat in Lattistep Court last October. 

CCTV footage had shown him carrying a bundle of clothing, which also contained a black, grey and white striped object, into the communal car park and placing the items in a compartment under the seat of a moped.

When officers entered his flat on the evening of Friday October 7, McGuinness jumped from a window onto the street at the front of the building completely naked and attempted to run away.

However, police were able to stop and arrest him.

A search of the flat found two grams of herbal cannabis, worth about £20, and a flick knife in a drawer in his kitchen table.

Gazette Series: Gloucestershire Police

Gazette Series: Gloucestershire Police

A set of keys to the moped, also found in the flat, were then used to open up the vehicle's seat lock box, revealing a sawn-off side-by-side 12 gauge shotgun, wrapped in a black, grey and white scarf, and underneath a black jacket.

In mitigation, the court was told that McGuinness was deemed as vulnerable and had only been holding the weapon for a short time.

McGuinness was jailed for five years at the sentencing on February 21. 

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire Constabulary's Serious and Organised Crime Unit, which led the investigation, said: "This is a tremendous result which has taken a viable weapon off our streets.

"Despite McGuinness claiming that he was vulnerable and that he had no intention of using the shotgun, this was undermined by the aggressive nature of the text messages found on his phone.

"Thanks to the work of our officers, we have been able to ensure that this weapon has been taken out of his hands and has now been safely disposed of."