THE GREEN Party has announced its ambitions for the Stroud District Council elections in May.

With 14 councillors currently, the Greens have been part of the ruling alliance on the council since 2012 and have led the alliance since 2022.

The party says it aims to build on its success by fielding candidates for all 51 council seats in each of the 27 district wards, with the aim of becoming the majority party and retaining its leadership of the council after May 2.

Council leader Catherine Braun said: “By working cooperatively with our Independent and Lib Dem colleagues we have kept the Conservatives out of power for over a decade, ensuring that local council services are maintained and improved, and that there is support for our market towns and rural villages. 

Gazette Series: Some of the Green Party candidates at Coaley Peak on Saturday before going canvassing and“These years of being in power in Stroud have given us a huge breadth of experience in local government, and shown the Greens to be knowledgeable, collaborative and financially responsible.

“Our existing team of councillors work hard, all year round, in their wards to instigate positive change in the district and they bring to the council chamber real insight into the issues affecting their communities.

"A recent independent poll showed Green-led Stroud District Council has one of the best approval ratings in the country.

“Our experienced existing councillors are now joined by a strong, enthusiastic team of new candidates, who are embedded in their communities, involved with local organisations and campaigns, and committed to the Green ethos of social and environmental justice.

“Continued Green leadership of the District Council will enable the council to continue with its priorities of warm, affordable homes for all, a cleaner, greener district, support for residents’ health and wellbeing, and working in partnership to promote local business.   

“In the local elections on May 2 we urge voters to ignore the very different national political situation and vote Green, for collaborative politics and a bright future for Stroud district."