THE secrets of Ukrainian headscarves were explored by Yate Town Council at a special event at the organisation's headquarters.

A workshop for the Resettling Community called “Secrets of Ukrainian Khustka” took place on Saturday, March 9 at Poole Court, Yate and was dedicated to the International Women's day and Mother's day.

Poole Court is Yate Town Council's headquarters and a beautiful building.

Yate Town Council celebrated International Women's Day and Mother's Day by inviting Ukrainian women into their offices to talk about Khustkas - Ukrainian headscarves.

The Ukrainian Khustka (headscarf) is a symbol of affection, love, loyalty, farewell, grief, a talisman and an important ritual object.

A spokesperson for Yate Town Council said: "This is an integral part of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage.

"During the event participants found out the history of the headscarf as a talisman of the Ukrainian women and learnt different ways to wear Ukrainian Khustka.

"Afterwards everyone enjoyed a themed photo shoot inside the beautiful interior of Poole Court and were given photos to keep."