HEALTHCARE for veterans in the Dursley, Berkeley and Wotton areas are set to be boosted, according to a local GP and MP hopeful. 

All of the area's GP practices are now accredited as specialists in treating health problems related to a former military career.

It comes as Dr Simon Opher, Dursley GP and clinical director of Berkeley Vale Primary Care network, encouraged all four practices in the area to sign up to the scheme. 

Dr Opher, who is also the Labour Party parliamentary candidate, said: “With Cam and Uley Practice now applying to be accredited under the joint Royal College of General Practitioners and NHS England scheme, all veterans in the Berkeley Vale area should now have GPs who understand the unique health problems that they may present with. 

“People who have served in the armed forces have higher levels of long term conditions than the general public. 

“These are predominantly orthopaedic and mental health issues, resulting from injuries and trauma experienced during their service.”

“I have been campaigning in the Stroud area to upskill local GP practices in the unique problems that veterans face and promote specialised services such as Op Courage and Combat Stress.”

Frankie, who helps coordinate the Cam and Dursley Vale Armed Forces Community group said: “It’s really important to let your GP know if you are a veteran. 

“Most people in the area should receive a text from their practice asking veterans to identify themselves. If you don’t receive a text, please inform your doctor the next time you visit your practice. They can then update your medical records.”

A team of volunteers from the Cam and Dursley Vale Armed Forces Community hold regular events for local veterans and details of the events can be found on their website or by phoning 07749 977191.  

The next event is due be held at 9.30am on Saturday, March 16 at the Railway Inn, Cam - a full English breakfast costs £6 for veterans. 

You can book your place for the breakfast in advance by phoning 07749 977191 or emailing