AN INSPIRING technology club is helping students at a Wotton school become future engineers.

Children in year six at Blue Coat Primary have taken part in workshop sessions where they have been able to experience hands-on inspiring engineering activities. 

Organisers say the activities teach students a variety of engineering techniques and the models they make use recycled materials where possible. 

One of the activities from this term was to make ‘chairoplanes’ using CDs, wine corks, water bottles and other household items, using an electrical circuit to power the device. 

The club is run by STEM specialist Technology for Fun which was founded by Caroline Alliston in 2008.

It is also supported by Renishaw, who has been helping the club since 2012 by providing an ambassador during sessions.

Dr Suk Kinch, a principal design and development engineer, is a Renishaw ambassador who helped with this term’s club sessions. 

Dr Kinch has been working with Renishaw’s neurological product line for the last thirteen years. 

She said: “I’ve been involved as a STEM ambassador for many years now, and my career was inspired by engineers coming into my school. 

“These workshops allow the children to access a space where they can explore, be curious about technology and gain a tangible insight into a career as an engineer.” 

Organiser Caroline Alliston said: “One of the great things about getting Renishaw STEM ambassadors involved is that a high proportion of them are women.

“This helps break down the gender stereotype that STEM careers are only for men and provides girls with strong role models.

She added: “Engineering is not included in the core curriculum, so children don’t find out what engineering is and whether they would enjoy and be good at it

“It’s important to engage them at primary age when they are very enthusiastic and open to new ideas.”

Gazette Series: Renishaw / Technology for Fun

Gazette Series: Renishaw / Technology for Fun