Year 10 Mocks

The current year 10s of Sir Bernard lovell academy aswell as neighbouring senior school around the country have either completed or are preparing to sit there first round of mock tests.

If you are unfamiliar with what Mock exams are they are a series of practice exams set for students to prepare for their future GCSEs and to correct what knowledge they know and what they do not know. Mocks are set to be a test for students knowledge but as an influence and motivation for the real exams that may define every students future.

Throughout the Easter holidays students will be set daily revision which Is optional but is highly recommended for good results in the exams which furthermore increases the chance of success passing there final exams GCSEs, GCSEs standing for General certificate of secondary education will be assigned in early June to late July  when students are in year 11 this may very due to each school and having different time tables.

GCSEs are very important as they create many paths to many carries which will be everyone’s source of income for bills and taxes when in adulthood.

Mock exams benefit students by the support of new and old knowledge, managing stress levels getting students used to the setting..