A CELEBRATION is planned to mark the first year of an important cafe in Yate. 

In April 2023, Yate Town Council launched a new monthly Memory Café at the Pop Inn Café in Yate Shopping Centre, for people with memory loss conditions such as dementia, and their carers.

After opening, popularity for this free service grew rapidly with hundreds of attendees benefitting from free activities and socialising. 

The town council in January 2024 added a second Memory Café session to the monthly schedule.

The Memory Café is available on the first and third Friday of every month from 1-3pm.

No diagnosis or referral is required to attend this free service that offers activities, refreshments, and a listening ear from the team of volunteers.

To mark one year since the opening of Memory Café, Yate Town Council is holding a ‘Big Dementia Lunch’ birthday celebration, at the Armadillo Youth & Community Café, between 1.30pm and 3pm, on Friday, April 19. 

This free celebration will bring together all those involved in the success of the Memory Café and their customers, to show how communities can come together to improve the lives of people with memory loss, and the carers and loved ones around them.

Councillor Wendy Tomasin, chair of Yate Ageing Better Health and Wellbeing Committee said: “Opening the Pop Inn Café to customers with memory loss and their carers has become a great success in a short time, showing the need for free, accessible and inclusive services, to improve our resident’s health and wellbeing.

"Yate Town Council, our partners and volunteers are passionate about Ageing Better in Yate and a successful first year of Memory Café was not possible without support from our community, volunteers, donors and funders. 

"To you we say a BIG thank you, for helping us to provide this great source of help, in the heart of our Town”.

The Town Council invites representatives from local Memory Cafes, volunteers, supporters, and the general public to the one-year birthday celebration, to enjoy some birthday cake and a brew!

To find out more about Memory Café and other Yate Ageing Better projects, follow our “Yate Ageing Better” page on Facebook.