SEVERAL CHANGES which campaigners say will 'improve' bus services across the Yate area have now been implemented.

Changes have been made to the Y6 service, which goes from Yate and Chipping Sodbury to Bristol via Cribbs Causeway and Southmead Hospital.

As well as aiming to improve the 'punctuality and reliability' of the service, the amended timetable serves a new route, going through the St Saviour's church area of Coalpit Heath on every journey.

New routes for Yate passengers using the Westlink on demand bus services have also been implemented recently.

The changes to the Y6 service have been welcomed by both MP Luke Hall and the leader of South Gloucestershire Council Claire Young, who both say they have been pushing First Bus for a service along this route since the axing of the Y4 bus in October 2022.

Campaigners say that the impact of the Y4 axing has been greater since the closure of the A432 M4 overbridge last summer, as the Y1 and Y2 have also been routed along Church Road, leaving hundreds of people in Coalpit Heath with a long walk to the bus.

Claire Young said: "We have been pushing First Bus for a service along this route ever since the Y4 was axed and we stepped up that pressure when they diverted services along Church Road when National Highways closed the A432 M4 overbridge last summer.

"We are delighted they have listened to local people's concerns and made this change.

"Following that initial decision we successfully persuaded National Highways to provide a free shuttle bus along Badminton Road.

"This new decision represents a further step towards our goal of restoring frequent, reliable bus services to our area."

Mr Hall said: "Frampton residents had been very clear that the bus services operating in the village were a very 'one-sided arrangement'.

"I am grateful to First Bus to listening to the community's feedback and restoring service back along Beesmoor Road, Heather Avenue, and the surrounding neighbourhoods".

Changes have also now been made to the WESTlink on-demand bus service, one year after they were first implemented.

Passengers in designated zones can hail a minibus on a smart phone or online up to 24 hours in advance.

The minibuses are not restricted by traditional timetables as passengers can get on or off at hundreds of existing bus stops plus some virtual ones where there currently isn't a stop.

The 7am-7pm Monday to Saturday service is also designed to link passengers to a main bus or train route so they can then continue their journey.

From last week residents in Yate can now use the service to go to UWE, Bristol Parkway, Southmead Hospital and more while passengers in Central Yate and Chipping Sodbury have the added benefit of being able to go to Thornbury.

Dan Norris, West of England Mayor, said: "On the first anniversary of WESTlink, we are making important changes to improve the region's stop-to-stop bookable minibus service.

"WESTlinks have become a familiar sight on our roads. linking up passengers to main bus routes that run every 15 minutes into our two cities.

"We will continue to adapt and change so together we can make stop-to-stop travel in the West a success.

"If you've not tried it before, please give WESTlink a go."