The annual St. George Celebration took place again last Saturday at Yate Heritage Centre.

Organised by David Hardill (Community Heritage Officer) and Yate Town Council it was again a great success with the added joy of fine weather.

Introduced by Councillor Mike Drew, Chair of South Gloucestershire Council and officially opened by the Mayor of Yate, Councillor Cheryl Kirby the ceremony then went off with a bang as one of the photographs shows the 14th Century 'Gonne' (or gun) being fired as part of the opening.

There was entertainment for all with demonstrations of ancient weapons - longbows, crossbows and guns and various types of armour.

A variety of ancient and modern music and dance also entertained the crowds attending the event.

Performers included: Thornbury Town Band, Pressgang Rejects, Bristol Waites, Professor Fillibuster's Punch & Judy, Raysfield Junior School, The Brigstows, Street Cred and of course St.George who finally saved the maiden from the dreaded dragon.