A DISABLED man from Yate has expressed his gratitude to his care team for allowing him to gain new independence. 

Daniel Wood, aged 35, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth, has thanked his "wonderful" team for "working their socks off" to allow him to live an enjoyable and healthy life. 

Daniel has had support from independent care provider Care Horizons for the last 16 years.

He currently has round-the-clock care from a rotating team of five staff, who work in 15 hour shift patterns.

"As a child, I was limited by my disability,” Daniel said. 

“It was extremely challenging for my parents, who relied on a care support team, who couldn't always be there when needed. 

“At 17 years old, I was sent to boarding school to receive the care I needed and enable my parents to be able to work.
"A few years ago, I moved to Yate and finally found my independence. 

“I was introduced to Care Horizons by a friend, who found their 24/7 shift patterns of in-home care unparalleled. 

“Since then, I have been helped by a wonderful team, who work their socks off to ensure I am fit, healthy and enjoying life."

Gazette Series: Care Horizons

Gazette Series: Care Horizons

The care provider was founded in Staple Hill in June 2004 and its offices are based in Station Road, Yate. 

Daniel says he has appreciated the ability to lead an independent life. 
He added: "I am able to make my own choices - my diary is my own to fill and I can do what I want each day, which has been revolutionary for me.
"Recently, I suffered from a very bad infection, which led to a hospital stay. 

“During my stay, Care Horizons staff were on hand, at my side, keeping me company, communicating with my NHS care team, making sure I was comfortable and sitting with me throughout the stay. 

“I have had a lot of operations throughout my 35 years, some of which have gone well and some which have gone extremely wrong. 

“To have the support of the Care Horizons team in hospital when the NHS is stretched as far as it is, makes my life so much more enjoyable."
"Care Horizons makes a huge difference in my life - making it extremely enjoyable, entertaining and healthy. 

“Thank you to my wonderful team for their continued support."
Care Horizons provides holistic at-home care to more than 21 residents in the heart of Yate, based upon each individual's wishes and health challenges. 
Vierka Hiscock, CEO of Care Horizons said: "Care Horizons offers such a unique type of care in South Gloucestershire. 

“For us, it is never about what our clients lack, rather what they have and how we can help them use that to their advantage.
"I am honoured to work with a team of incredible people, who are all versatile and resourceful. 

“We strive to make each day enjoyable for our clients and are working hard to tear down the stigma of mental health and disabilities in the UK and turn them into superhuman powers."
For more information on Care Horizons see here www.carehorizons.co.uk or phone 0117 405 4320.