THERE was a major shake-up in local politics following Thursday's district election in Stroud.

Some familiar faces have gone while a new batch of politicians are taking up the role for the first time on Stroud District Council, which saw the Greens seized a historic victory.

Here are all the winners and their wards:

Amberley and Woodchester

Canning, Sarah - Green

Berkeley Vale

Green, Lindsey - Conservative

Tuffin, Charles - Conservative

Turner, Paul - Conservative


Brown, Martin - Green


Dahdouh, Fraser - Labour

Mathews, Dave - Labour

Stanley, Elizabeth - Labour

Cam East

Hamilton, Ian - Labour

Hill, Milly - Labour

Cam West

Haynes, Chris - Labour

Kinnison, Terri - Labour


Boyle, James - Green

Fenton, Helen - Green

Watson, Tricia - Green

Coaley and Uley

Pearcy, Martin - Green


Caton Hughes, Helen - Labour

Cook, Terry - Labour

Hughes, Bob - Labour


Oxley, Gill - Conservative

Ryder, Mark - Conservative

Turner-Wilkes, Demelza - Conservative


Simkiss, Holly - Liberal Democrats


Thomas, Gill - Green

Turner, Chloe - Green


Dutton, Maggie - Labour and Co-operative

Kay, Kate - Green

Robinson, Steve - Labour and Co-operative

Painswick and Upton

Kennedy, Pete - Green

Luff, Gary - Green

Sargeant, Matthew - Green

Randwick, Whiteshill and Ruscombe

Edmunds, Jon - Green


Hofmann, Katy - Labour

Prenter, Nigel - Labour


Brown, Robert - Conservative

Maisey, Richard - Labour and Co-operative


Callinan, John - Labour

Kambites, Carol - Green

Parker, John - Labour

Stroud Central

Drew, David - Labour and Co-operative

Stroud Farmhill and Paganhill

Ananthan, Shyama - Labour

Stroud Slade

Rothwell-Warn, Natalie - Green

Stroud Trinity

Schoemaker, Lucas - Green

Stroud Uplands

Moore, Cath - Labour

Stroud Valley

Baxendale, Martin - Green Party

The Stanleys

Godfrey, Marisa - Green

Hynd, Steve - Green


Aldam, Beki - Green


Braun, Catherine - Green

Cohen, Linda - Liberal Democrats

Kitchen, Gareth - Green