YATE residents marked an annual event in a special way to remember its founder. 

Beating the Bounds is a tradition across many areas of the country where the Reverend, Town Mayor, Friends of the Common, and local residents walk around the edges of Yate Common to mark its boundaries.

The event this year celebrated its 35th anniversary since its founding by Ruth Davis and Chris Willmore.

During the walk and in times past children were often turned upside down at the corners to teach them where the boundaries of Yate Common are.

Nowadays, they get sweets as a treat instead. 

The event was a special opportunity for everyone to remember Cllr Ruth Davis who died last year and to celebrate being part of the Yate community.

Gazette Series: Yate mayor Cheryl Kirby and South Gloucestershire councillor Chris Willmore among those in

Mayor Cheryl Kirby said: "It was important to keep traditions alive because they connect us to our past and to each other.

"Events like Beating the Bounds help us take care of places like Yate Common.

"They remind us that we all have a responsibility to look after our shared spaces for future generations."