A MAN from South Gloucestershire has spoken about his role as a pacer in the Bristol Great Run next weekend. 

Lee Zurybida from Bradley Stoke was inspired to start running after he was diagnosed with a very rare form of leukaemia ten years ago in May 2014.

The city is expecting to host more than 20,000 runners as people of all ages take part in either the 10k race, half marathon or family run on Sunday, May 19.

Lee will be running as an official pacer for the 150th time.

He said: “After the treatments, I needed to get myself strong both physically and mentally, so I challenged myself by putting on a pair of trainers and running to my local duck pond … a distance of one mile - could I do it? NO! 

“So the next day I tried again, and again, and again until I did it. 

“Then I ran there and back and so it began with my fitness and confidence levels building every week. 

“I then joined a local running group who I still run with today.”

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Lee says his most memorable racing moment was in 2015 after he’d just completed a round of chemotherapy, his brother signed up with him to run the Bristol half marathon. 

He said: “We promised to cross the finishing line together in 2 hours and did it!

“All the emotions were present.”

Lee has also given his tips for runners taking part in this year’s race.

He said: “Always dress for the second mile. 

“Enjoy yourself - run with the people you get on with. 

“Find a running group – you’ll make friends for life and have fun whilst getting fit!”