PEOPLE in South Gloucestershire are being urged to register to vote and check their Voter ID ahead of the General Election.
In order to vote, residents must be on the electoral register. 

With the deadline to register to vote fast approaching, South Gloucestershire Council is urging people who have not registered at their current address to make sure they are registered in time.
The deadline to register to vote is midnight on Tuesday, June 18.

The General Election is due to take place on Thursday, July 4.

A council spokesperson said: “It takes just five minutes to apply online and registration will also mean you are able to vote in any other elections as well. 

“You can also check if you’re already registered or update your registration via the website.
“Residents who are already registered to vote will be receiving their poll card in the post from Friday, June 7.”
Voters have a range of options for casting their vote – in person, by post or by appointing someone they trust to vote in their place, known as a proxy vote.
Electors voting in person at the polling station are now required to present an accepted photo ID before being issued with their ballot paper.
Those who are registered to vote at the polling station but do not have an accepted photo ID can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate before the deadline at 5pm on Wednesday, June 26.
The deadline to apply for a postal vote is 5pm Wednesday, June 19.
The deadline to apply for a proxy vote is 5pm on Wednesday, June 26.
If you have recently turned 18 or moved home, it is particularly important that you act to ensure that you are registered to vote. 

If you were registered to vote in the last election and your details have not changed, you don’t need to take any action. If in doubt, you can check with South Gloucestershire Council by calling 01454 863030.
If you have any questions about Voter ID or would like to request a paper form to apply for the Voter Authority Certificate, contact 01454 863030 or email
You can register to vote here -