PLANS to turn a derelict outbuilding into a home on the site of a former village pub near Dursley have been rejected. 

A change of use application was submitted to Stroud District Council in December to transform an old storage building located on the site of the Rose and Crown in Nympsfield.

The scheme - which was submitted by Rose and Crown Properties Limited and estate agents Savills - included turning the former barn into a two-bedroom home. 

The outbuilding was historically used as extra storage space for the pub.

However, plans were rejected by council officers who raised fears over potential biodiversity concerns. 

According to planning documents, the proposed two-storey home would have a living space on the ground floor, two en-suite bedrooms on the first floor as well as a rear garden. 

The scheme also included reorganising the pub's car park, with two spaces designated for the proposed home and three spaces for pub staff.

The 19th century boozer is currently being sold by estate agents Colliers with offers of £350,000.

A campaign was recently launched by villagers in hopes of buying and running the pub as a community pub. 

Nympsfield Parish Council said they were against the scheme due to concerns over the operation of the pub, parking issues and over worries that groundworks may affect an underground spring.

According to the officer’s report, neighbours also objected on the grounds of lack of parking and biodiversity.

Gazette Series: Plans to turn the derelict building next to the Rose and Crown in Nympsfield into a home have been rejected Plans to turn the derelict building next to the Rose and Crown in Nympsfield into a home have been rejected (Image: Google Maps)

A planning document reads: ”This building has been previously converted into staff accommodation and storage. 

“It is in very poor condition and is in need of extensive repairs.

“It is considered that the proposals will not harm the character and significance of the building.”

It continues: “The report provided in support of the application determined that the structure was of low suitability to roosting bats at the time of the preliminary assessment

“It states that in its current form, the structure was of negligible suitability to hibernating bats, but may be used by bats from March onwards. 

“The report recommends that emergence surveys are undertaken if the works have not been undertaken by February. 

“The recommended survey effort is not stipulated in the report, so it is advised that the applicant contacts their ecologist to confirm the further required survey effort.

“Further emergence surveys are required to assess the potential ecological impacts to
European protected bat species. 

“These surveys must be carried out during the optimal survey period, as stated by the Bat Conservation Trust 2023.

“There has been insufficient information to adequately assess the impacts on biodiversity or
species protected under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 in
accordance with Policy ES6. 

“The application is recommended for refusal.”

The application was rejected on Monday, May 13. 

You can view the application quoting S.23/2368/LBC or see here -

Gazette Series: The proposed site near the Rose and Crown The proposed site near the Rose and Crown (Image: Rose and Crown Properties Limited)