THE Prime Minister went back to school when he visited a primary in Stonehouse today.

PM Rishi Sunak met students and staff at Great Oldbury Primary Academy this afternoon, Friday, June 7 along with Conservative candidate and former MP Siobhan Baillie.

The PM joined children’s lessons across several year groups at the school, which opened in September 2021.

In one classroom, Mr Sunak played a game of maths bingo with pupils, who had to call their number when a relevant multiplication sum was presented.

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The visit came amid widespread criticism of his decision to leave an international D-Day landing ceremony in Normandy early for a TV interview.

At a press briefing in Stonehouse with regional journalists, Mr Sunak said it was always his plan to leave early following the end of UK-related events.

“My itinerary for these things was set a long time ago before the election started, weeks ago," he said. 

“It was always the itinerary that I was going to fully participate in the UK events with British veterans, which I did, and after that to return back to the UK.

“But on reflection it was a mistake not to stay longer for the international leaders’ event that was held later in the day in France, and for that I am very sorry.”