FIFTH column by GL11 Community Hub in Cam - written by Audrey Harris.

Audrey is head of community relationships at GL11 Community Hub.

Cam & Dursley locals know GL11 Community Hub as a bustling heart for our community, based within our building in Cam, next to the doctor’s surgery.

So why on earth do we have a staff member (me!) that mostly works outside the building?

As head of community relationships at GL11, my role involves nurturing and creating the connections that our charity has with various organisations beyond our walls.

We work closely with other charities, the local councils, and the NHS (to name just a few) to keep GL11 connected with, and hopefully influential in, things happening in Stroud district, and sometimes even across Gloucestershire.

And it's a two-way street – we also make sure that others understand the needs of people here in Cam & Dursley.

GL11 takes pride in being a strong advocate for the charity sector and our community.

But what does that actually mean in practice?

We’ll, I've been lucky enough to work on various projects across Stroud and Gloucestershire on behalf of GL11.

For example, connecting the NHS and local people who are managing chronic health conditions, to discuss living well and how the system can support them more fully.

Or GL11’s work forming a network of Community Hubs across Stroud, so that we can team up together for best practices and funding.

We're also involved in a network offering free digital support across Gloucestershire. While another project has provided free training to other charities countywide!

GL11 is also the host for a monthly network of over 300 professionals from various organisations in Stroud, so we can all work together more effectively.

When you see a busy and bustling GL11 Community Hub here in Cam, that’s just the tip of Cam & Dursley’s influence reaching out across Stroud and Gloucestershire!

Audrey Harris from GL11 Community Hub in Cam speaks in this month's column about community relationships  (Image: GL11 Community Hub)

(Image: GL11 Community Hub)