A TEAM of innovative students from Berkeley are celebrating after winning a prestigious award at a national championship.

Pupils from Berkeley Green UTC recently took part in a robotics competition against other schools from across the country hosted at Cambridge University on Friday, June 21.

The Berkeley team was awarded the innovate award. 

According to a judge, they were recognised for their "creative approach to overcome challenges on the game field”. 

The championship was organised by The First Tech Challenge UK - a branch of the world's largest robotics competition, based in the US. 

Organisers say the aim of the competition is to make STEM more approachable and inclusive in hopes of empowering young people.

A spokesperson from Berkeley Green UTC said: “We are deeply proud of the gracious professionalism shown by this year's team, and for their hard work in creating and presenting their robot as a team. 

“We are also grateful to every sponsor who enabled the team to access this competition this year; it has been an incredibly enriching experience for them, and created a memory that they will carry with them forever.”

The First Tech Challenge robotics course packs in six months of student-directed learning culminating in a global competition. 

Supported by an industry mentor, young people aged 12-18 design, build and compete with a robot to take on the challenge. 

The charity funded STEM enrichment programme runs from September to March after-school, or in the classroom. 

The Berkeley Green UTC spokesperson added: “In particular, we'd like to thank the support of RTX, Renishaw, North Tower Consulting, Bailey Paints, Oval Business Solutions, FIRST Tech Challenge UK and our mentor Joss who has volunteered so many hours of his time to coach this team. 

“His unwavering belief in our young people has bolstered their confidence and we owe so much of our success to his infectious enthusiasm for this challenge.

“We'd also like to congratulate all the schools from around the United Kingdom who took part, and who welcomed us so warmly at this year's tournament. 

“It was really inspiring to see so many fantastic and ingenious designs! 

“We look forward to returning next season as Champion Organisation and to spreading the word about what makes participation in this tournament so essential for any young person who is passionate about STEM.”